Business Credit

For running your business successfully you need to qualify for loans and credit lines at the best loan rate possible. Business credit is the ability of your company where you can access the money even if you don’t qualify for loan.

What Is Business Credit?

Business credit is your company’s ability to purchase something now and pay for it later. By establishing a good business credit rating, borrowing money becomes easier when your company needs.


Easy to access money in need


Improve future credit borrowing terms


Important for all types of business

All type of business whether small size or large size business, business credit is important for all as it give you the access to money whenever you need.

Benefits of business credit

Approval of getting High-Limit revolving credit cards in your business name with no personal credit check and personal guarantee.

Good business credit may lead to lower insurance premiums, better rates and fees and smaller deposits when you take a new lease or service for your company. It also helps you to keep better trading terms with the suppliers.

Having business credit in great shape, you can afford to shop around with the best rates and offers that are offered by different lenders.

Some common queries related to business credit

Well you sure have some queries regarding business credit. Here are the answers for some common queries that you face related to business credit.

What are the main business credit bureaus?

Experian, Equifax and Dunn & Bradstreet are the biggest and main business credit bureaus.

How often should we check our business credit profile?

Checking you credit profile monthly is good option as it helps you to catch error and fix issues before it is too late.

Where I can see my business credit profile?

You can view your profile with any of the business credit bureaus.

Does your business require business credit?

Well yes your business requires business credit as having good business credit helps you to easily borrow money when you need it.

Business Credit financing compass

We help you in setting up your business in right way to meet lender and credit issuer approval requirements, and to get approved for initial business credit that report and build your profile with the credit agencies.

We provide you the access to real useable, no personal guarantee credit through are business credit builder. This allows you to access the money you need to run your business, expand it, and makes your company more profitable and productive. We give access t various types of credit:


Store business credit


Fleet credit


Cash credit


Auto vehicle financing

We help you

We help to set up your business to meet credit issuer and lender credibility standards to get approval. We set up and activate your credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial and help you in getting a free D-U-N-S number.
We help you to get initial trade credit which builds your business credit report with no personal credit check. Without consumer credit check or personal guarantee you can get business credit.

What Our Clients Say?

Here are few reviews and comments from our clients.

The Financing Compass worked extensively with me to help me anticipate some of the issues that my business may face. Not many lenders would go to that length. They’ve been extremely supportive and a great resource.


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Financing Compass enabled me to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to relocate and expand my business, at a pivotal time. The support I received from Financing Compass staff was priceless.


United States

Working with Financing Compass helped me develop my business plan, ideas, and brand before getting started so that I was prepared to open a successful business when I received my loan.


United States

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