Credit Card Procesing

Credit card processing is bit complex which sometimes can be overwhelming but it is still critical part for your business as it ensures that your customers can checkout simply and quickly.

What is Credit Card Procesing?

We know that when we do payment through credit card, it happens in seconds, despite that credit card processing is a complex process involving multiple steps.

The flow of the complex process is as first the information is passed from cardholder to the merchant’s processing company and credit card networks to the cardholder’s bank. The bank approves or declines this transaction after which the above steps flow in the reverse order to let them know if their payment went through or not.

Understanding the online payment process

This process is much similar to offline payment process. In offline process credit card is accessed by the swipe magnetic card readers, EMV chip cards etc. where while in online payment process payment is done through websites and apps via payment gateways.
The payment information received from gateway is then sent to the processor who communicates with customers’ bank via credit card networks (RuPay, Visa etc.). This whole information of your credit card is verified and after that bank approves or denies the payment.

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Other advantages of a Credit Card Procesing

As credit card processing is complex service, credit card processors vary in quality of their service. We provide you with the best quality credit card processors for your business.

Transaction Speed

Sort delays in payment process can cause annoyance to your customers. We provide you the processors that prove to process that large sum of money safely, accurately and quickly.

Transparent rate structure

Transparency is essential when it comes to money. Clear, concise and complete explanation of fees and rates.

Strong uptime

Payment system outage is not good for business. Reliable processors help merchants to stay operation even during a network outage and have redundant servers that reduce the risk of going down.

Get Started With Credit Card Procesing

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More Things About Credit Card Procesing.

There are numerous parties which have their own part when your customer swipes their card or do the payment through a gateway. Here are the names of parties that are involved in the action:




Card holder


Card Association


Acquiring bank


Issuing bank


Payment processor

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How does credit card processing works?

There are different players that plays role in a credit card processing. The key players in authorization and settlement of credit card processing are- Cardholder, merchants, acquiring bank, cardholder bank, card networks or association and last payment processors.

Which technologies are used in the payments process?

The technology used in payment process is different for each business as each business is unique in its own way. The different solutions available are:

  • Online invoicing
  • EMV smart terminals
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • Online shopping cart
  • Point of sale
What types of fees are associated with a transaction?

The service fees charged differ due to your merchant service provider. The types of service fees associated are:

  • Transaction fees
  • One-off fees (terminal fees, early termination fees, setup fees, verification fees, PCI compliance fees etc.)
  • Recurring fees
What are main steps that take place during the credit card processing in motion?

Credit card processing works mainly in three distinct processes. These three processes are:

  • Authorization
  • Settlement
  • Funding

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