High Risk Merchant Procesing

High risk merchant processing is done for the business that is considered as high risk for the banks. These businesses are prone to have more chargeback so they are charged high fees for the merchant services.

What is High Risk Merchant Procesing.

If you have the business that is of high risk for the banks such as travel industry, game store, e-commerce store etc you need a high risk merchant processing for your business because there is the risk of more charge back in your business compare to the low risks business.

We provide you with the one stop solution for the high risk processing so that you don’t have to worry about the payments and transactions for you business.

Understanding The Online Payment Process

Multi channel payment processing helps you to accept payments anyway you want with the high risk payment processing gateway including your merchant account together.

Multi channels used fr accepting the payments are as-Ecommerce, Mail or phone orders, in-app, mobile devices, batch uploads, internal systems , CRM or shopping cart etc.

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Other Advantages of a High-Risk Payment Gateway

High risk merchants ensure the compliant processing through level 1 PCI/DSS gateway.


You can establish your own parameters for accepting and rejecting payments through customizable cascading rules and filters.


Extensive built in database for high level of security. Positive and negative consumer database from the merchants worldwide give you the information about the fraudulent of the buyer on

Anti-fraud weapons

Merchant enables the anti fraud weapons to the payment gateway so that only good order accepted while rest get decline and some kept aside to look them manually if they are good or not.

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More Things About High Risk Merchant Procesing

Merchants are labeled as high risk due to certain reasons, let see these reasons.


Having imperfect or flawed credit history


Concerns such as reputation, health risks, financial and others should be presented by the merchant’s industry.


Merchant’s industry traditionally has high chargebacks or fraud rates (recurring bill or technical support).


Acquiring banks mostly step out in providing solution to the high risk merchant account due to heavy chargebacks and other risks.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer different payment types?

Yes we do provide both classic and modern payment gateways along with accepting all credit and debit card. We make sure to offer methods of payments to the customers online so they don’t have to worry for offline payments.


What customers support services do you provide?

We provide various customer support services such as:

  • Specialist to guide throughout your whole high risk merchant account process 
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Automated system for customer services and requests
Do you provide protection from chargeback?

Well chargebacks are common for high risk business. We provide you the chargeback protection by:

Giving you 24*7 chargeback alerts

Revenue recovery

Dispute assistance

Identifying merchant errors and chargeback liabilities

What a fraud prevention tool performs?

Fraud prevention tools perform the following solutions:

  • Notify you as soon as any fraudulent activity is detected
  • To identify fraudsters, behavior recognition and machine learning are used.
  • Rules are placed to automatically block frauds if detected


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