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We help you to find the right merchant services as per your individual needs through our experienced merchant brokers.

Why You Need A Merchant Broker?

Merchant service brokers help business owners to establish their merchant account that is best for them. Merchant brokers provide you the best and most cost effective solution for your business by saving your time and money.

Along with setting up of merchant accounts, brokers also help in supplying the software and equipments needed by both online and in-store business owners.

Trusted Merchant Broker Can Help

If you are unhappy with your current merchant account, you can change your account with the help of merchant brokers who will provide you with the best services available. 

We provide you with the best and experienced merchant brokers who will find best merchant account service providers working with multiple payment service providers which will meet your business unique need.

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Benifits of Having a Trusted Merchant Broker

Other than finding right merchant account for your business, merchant broker has other benefits also that will be helpful for your business. They offer other products also. 

Credit Card Terminal

In order to accept credit and debit cards, credit card terminal is needed. These are often bought and leased by the merchant account service provider with the installed software required.

Virtual Terminal

This software is needed by the brick and mortar store owners without online sales which converts computer into credit card terminal.

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Mobile Payment Systems (mPOS): This system allows you to accept the payment through mobile apps which is connected with the processing network.

Get Experts Help Today to Grow Your Business

Well if you are facing problem for choosing which merchant service provider is good for your business, contact our experts of merchant brokers today to get best service provider for your business.

More Things About Merchant Broker.

As a merchant broker we help you in providing the vital link between your business, banks and software/hardware provider with the best and cost effective solution for your business.

All the merchant service providers do not offer same amount of services, so you need to have knowledge about all providers and then select which is hectic and time consuming process for a business owner. Merchant brokers make you task easy as they do this work for you and provide you with the best service provider for your business.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other products tht are offered by the broker other than merchant account?
  • Credit card terminal
  • Mobile payment system
  • Virtual terminal
  • Payment gateways
  • Electronic check processing
  • Point of sales system
What type of card payment fees are there?

There are merchant service charge and charge on ever transaction that you accept from credit ad debit card.

What a merchant broker do?

Merchant broker are needed even after you have setup the merchant account. They review, implement and manage your data that obviously helps you to improve your business.

What financial parties are involved during the whole transaction process?
  • Merchant account providers
  • Payment gateways
  • Credit card processors
  • Credit card associations
  • Credit card issuing banks


What Our Clients Say?

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The Financing Compass worked extensively with me to help me anticipate some of the issues that my business may face. Not many lenders would go to that length. They’ve been extremely supportive and a great resource.


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Financing Compass enabled me to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to relocate and expand my business, at a pivotal time. The support I received from Financing Compass staff was priceless.


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Working with Financing Compass helped me develop my business plan, ideas, and brand before getting started so that I was prepared to open a successful business when I received my loan.


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